Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Thigh-Knee System
Hip Abductor with bilateral thigh cuffs with adjustable spreader bar. The Hip-Abductor treats tight hip abduction and knee scissoring due to immobility or trauma. The Hip-Abductor allows for gradual increase in width. Used in conjunction with the Ranger Knee will treat mild to severe knee flexion contractures. 
Sizing Guidelines for Ranger Knee:

Small            8"-10"                    Small+        10"-12"
Medium       12"-14"                   Medium+    14"-16"
Large           16"-18"                  Large+        18"-20"
X-Large        20"-22"                 XX-Large     22"-25"
Sizing Guidelines for Abductor:

Small            12"-16"
Medium        16"-20"
Large            20"-24"
Components for the Hip Abductor

-Spreading mechanism
-Bi-lateral cuffs and center cover
-Laundry bag & fitting instructions

Components for Ranger Knee

-Bi-lateral Ranger knee hinges
-Lower cuffs
-Patella Pads
-Laundry bag & fitting instructions

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