Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
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Hip-Abductor with Air Assist


 Code                  Size                                 Thigh measurement
400-HA-S            Small                                   12" - 16"

400-HA-M           Medium                               16" - 20"

400-HA-L            Large                                   20" - 24"

400-HA-C           Custom (provide measurements)

400-AK-A           Hip Abductor Air Assist 

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This Hip-Abductor has bilateral thigh cuffs with adjustable spreader bar. The Hip-Abductor treats tight hip abductions and knee scissoring due to immobility or trauma. The Hip-Abductor allows for gradual increase in width. It is comfortable for the wearer and can be used seated or supine.

The Hip-Abductor does not have to be removed from patient to adjust. There is no exposed metal and no tools are needed.
* Easy to adjust

* Double padded cuffs for comfort

* Air provides Low Load Prolong Stretch
The Hip-Abductor with Air Assist has bilateral cuffs attached to air bladder for use in the extremely tight abductions and scissoring. The Air Assist may be attached to the bilateral thigh cuffs and inflated gradually to increase width. Once this is accomplished, the spreader bar can then be utilized for further treatment.