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Here are some examples of our Custom capabilities 
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Ranger EZ Lock Knee Modified
Custom of the day, customer has a patient with bilateral knee flexion contracture, requested Ranger Ez Lock knee with standard cuffs, attach single air bladder to cuffs for assistance, done and shipped same day. Off the shelf modified for patients needs, truly made in the USA.
Ranger Knee modified for BKA
Custom of the day, customer has a patient with a knee flexion contracture along with a BKA, (6" stump from center of knee) They requested our Ranger knee, extra padding on lower cuff, include padded modesty flap. Done and shipped the same day. Off the shelf with the ability to custom modify to fit patients needs, truly made in the USA!
Care Boot II D-Flex
Custom molded CareBoot II w/ dorsi-flexion straps. Pre molded w/ 50° Drop, solely manufactured at our facility in Lakeland, FL. PDAC approved L4396.
Custom Modified Hip-Abductor ( Elder adductor)
Patient has hip adduction, triple straps help to maintain gains achieved. 
Care Boot II Soft Heel
Our featured custom modified product of the week. CareBoot II SoftHeel modified with a 45° Drop. Suggested L4396