Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Ranger Knee
The Ranger Knee orthosis has adjustable knee joints and positional rigid support. The Ranger Knee is designed to provide progressive treatment and/or correction of mild to severe knee flexion contractures. 
The patented knee joint allows for simple adjustment in 10-degree increments to increase joint space. The custom "cupped" patella pad assures that the patella pad will remain in the proper location for maximum benefits. 

The overall length of the splint is 14" - however, it may be customized with longer stays or as short as 10" overall. The bi-lateral uprights are fully covered, leaving no exposed metal. Separate upper and lower cuffs allow for a more custom fit for each patient. 
Must specify sizing for upper and lower cuffs.

Patent # 6,080,122
Suggested code 
L1832, L1831​
SIZING GUIDELINES for upper and lower cuffs 

Small              8" - 10"                     Small+           10" - 12"
Medium         12" - 14"                    Medium+        14" - 16"
Large            16" - 18"                     Large+           18" - 20"
X-Large         20" - 22"                    XX-Large        22" - 25"

***All other sizes are custom and may ship same or next day
***No additional costs for custom sizing.

*****Please specify sizes for upper and lower cuffs when ordering

Lower stay can be shortened to accommodate amputee
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- Bi-lateral Ranger Knee hinges
- Upper & lower cuffs - latex free
-Bbi-lateral hinge covers
- Patella pad
- Laundry bag & fitting instructions