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Ranger Air Knee
Suggested code 
 L1847 L1848

   Code                    Product                       Upper fits         Lower fits

 303-AK-S            Ranger Air Knee Small            12"-15"                8"-11"

 303-AK-M           Ranger Air Knee Medium        15"-18"                11"-14"

 303-AK-L            Ranger Air Knee Large            18"-21"               14"-17"

 303-AK-XL          Ranger Air Knee X-Large        20"-24"              17"-20"

 303-AK-C           Ranger Air Knee Custom            Provide measurements
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The Ranger Air Knee has a one-piece liner made of moisture-wicking material, thoroughly padded throughout . 

Patella pads are included and may be ordered with or without fleece and either knee-cap style (as shown) or our Ranger Knee patella pad.
The removable air bladders are placed at the posterior aspect of the knee, adding mid to moderate support. The use of the air bladders in conjunction with the same easy-to-use progressive flexion/extension control hinges as the Ranger Knee (set at 10 degree increments) can provide a prolonged ,low-load static stretch.
 This brace is ideal for patients with a mild to severely contracted knee.

* Maintain / restore R.O.M

* Hinge is adjustable in 10 degree increments

* Bladders placed at posterior aspect of the knee

* Provides Low Load Prolong Stretch

* Cupped patella pad included