Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Ranger  Air Elbow 
The Ranger Elbow with Air Start provides gentle low load prolonged stretch on shortened tissue to help prevent lost Range of Motion. When the air bladder is deflated, the device may be easily positioned into tight joint spaces. Once properly positioned, the air bladder is inflated in small increments to provide a gentle low load prolonged stretch, making it appropriate for treatment of moderate to servere joint contractures.  

The Ranger Elbow with Air Start provides all the benefits of the Ranger Elbow; however, it comes in a one-piece liner and a covered air bladder.   
Suggested Code 
Can be used as a pediatric knee
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SIZING - One-piece Liner             Upper                          Lower

Small                                            8.5" - 10.5"                   6" - 8.5"
Medium                                      10.5" - 12.5"                8.5" -10.5" 
Large                                          12.5" - 14.5"              10.5" -12.5"
X-Large                                      14.5" - 16.5"              12.5" -14.5"

***Allother sizes are custom and may be shipped same or next day.
***No additional charge for sizing changes.

- Ranger Elbow hinges
- One-piece liner 
- Air Bladder - covered and attached
- Air pump
- Laundry bag & fitting instructions

***Available in moisture-wicking fabric or "fleece" lining. 
***Fabric is Latex Free and no chemical additives