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Ranger "E-Z" Lock Knee
The Ranger E-Z Lock Knee is a double upright metal hinged knee brace designed to provide progressive treatment and correction of knee flexion contractures in "non-ambulatory" patients.

To use the Ranger E-Z Lock Knee, simply slide the black button to unlock position to allow for free range of motion. When desired degree is reach, slide button back into locked position for "quick setting" static locking position. In "un-locked" position, it is not necessary to remove splint from patient during physical therapy. When fully dressed, including patella pad, this splint weighs less than 15 ounces.

* Support / protect / correct

* Adjustable in 15 degree increments

* Light weight, easy to use

* Cupped patella pad included

* Can be customized for use as a pediatric knee

* Lower stay can be shortened to accommodate amputee

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Sizing Guidelines:

Small          8" - 10"                     Small +        10" - 12"
Medium    12" - 14"                     Medium +    14" - 16"
Large        16" - 18"                     Large +        18" - 20"
X-Large    20" - 22"                     XX-Large      22" - 25"

(for upper and lower cuffs) Fleeced or Smooth