Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Carelite Soft-Thumb
The Carelite line of hands are fully adjustable, deviating hands providing progressive, static postitioning for the treatment of the mildly to severely contracted wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.

While similar to the standard Carelite, the new Carelite Soft-Thumb has a non-conventional thumb support. It does not have a moldable metal platform for the thumb. However, it holds the thumb in the "C" position with a "padded, cupped strap" attached in alignment with the MPs.

*Nothing else like this hand - innovative and comfortable.
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Billing Code:
L3807 , L3809
                            MPs                    Wrist crease to tip of longest finger
Small             Up to 3.5"                                Up to 6 3/4"

Medium         Up to 5"                                   Up to 7 3/4"

Large            Up to 5.5"                                  Up to 9.5"

***All other sizes are custom and will ship same or next day. 

- One-piece liner - moist wicking - latex free
- Detachble finger separators
- Laundry bag & fitting instructions.

  Code                                Product

 102-ST-SR               Care Lite ST Small Right

 102-ST-MR              Care Lite ST Medium Right

 102-ST-LR               Care Lite ST Large Right

 102-ST-SL               Care Lite ST Small Left

 102-ST-ML              Care Lite ST Medium Left

 102-ST-LL               Care Lite ST Large Left