Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Care Rest Elbow
The Care Rest Elbow is a "static"elbow. It is extremely light-weight, designed to provide progressive treatment and/or correction of elbow flexion contractures, for treatment after surgery or injury, and for patients with flexor tone. A great alternative to serial casting. 

The Care Rest Elbow has a single upright joint with adjustable, fully padded cuffs. The CareRest Elbow is easy to adjust - simply turn the knob to loosen and disengage the "teeth", rotate to desired setting at 10 degree increments, and securely tight the knob.


Medium to light duty elbow orthosis

SIZING                 BICEP                            OVERALL             WEIGHT
                        CIRCUMFERENCE             LENGTH 

Small                    8" - 10"                               7"                           6 OZ.
Medium              10" - 12"                               8.5"                        8 OZ
Large                 12" - 14"                                9,5"                        8 OZ

*** All other sizes are custom and may ship same or next day
*** No additional charge for adding length to straps.

- Single upright orthosis
- One-piece fully-padded liner
- Laundry bag and fitting instructions

Liner is made of moisture-wicking fabric
Latex free - no chemical additives

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Billing Code:

   Code                                Product

   203-SE-S                    Care Static Elbow Small

   203-SE-M                   Care Static Elbow Medium

   203-SE-L                    Care Static Elbow Large

   203-SE-C                   Care Static Elbow Custom
                                  (Custom provide measurements)