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Care Rest Elbow
The Care Rest Elbow is a "static"elbow. It is extremely light-weight, designed to provide progressive treatment and/or correction of elbow flexion contractures, for treatment after surgery or injury, and for patients with flexor tone. A great alternative to serial casting. 

The Care Rest Elbow has a single upright joint with adjustable, fully padded cuffs. The CareRest Elbow is easy to adjust - simply turn the knob to loosen and disengage the "teeth", rotate to desired setting at 10 degree increments, and securely tight the knob.

* Position / support / restore R.O.M.

* Extremely light weight / compared to similar braces on the market, ( just 8 oz) 

* Double padded one piece softliner makes this more comfortable for the wearer

* Split elbow strap cradles the elbow cap

SIZING                 BICEP                            OVERALL             WEIGHT
                        CIRCUMFERENCE             LENGTH 

Small                    8" - 10"                               7"                           6 OZ.
Medium              10" - 12"                               8.5"                        8 OZ
Large                 12" - 14"                                9,5"                        8 OZ

*** All other sizes are custom and may ship same or next day
*** No additional charge for adding length to straps.
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   Code                                Product

   203-SE-S                    Care Static Elbow Small

   203-SE-M                   Care Static Elbow Medium

   203-SE-L                    Care Static Elbow Large

   203-SE-C                   Care Static Elbow Custom
                                  (Custom provide measurements)