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Care Resting Hand 
"Split Finger"
SIZING          MP Width                  Wrist crease to tip of longest finger

X-Small         Up to 2.5"                  Up to 4"            (3 straps as shown)
Small             Up to 3.5"                  Up to 6.5"         (3 straps)
Medium         Up to 4.5"                  Up to 7.5"         (3 straps)
Large             Up to 5.5"                 Up to 9.5"          (4 straps)

**All other sizes are custom and may ship same or next day. A 4th strp may be added to any splint upon request at no additional cost.    
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Adjustable WHFO designed for the treatment / correction of wrist, hand and finger contractures. The ulnar / radial tabs prevent / treat deviation. 

Additionally the "Split Finger" design has made this hand sucessful when used in the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture.  

*Support / protect / position

*Bend to fit

* Finger tabs adjust independently

* Extremely light weight

    Code                                Product

  106-CSF-S                   Care Resting Split Finger Small

  106-CSF-M                  Care Resting Split Finger Medium

  106-CSF-L                   Care Resting Split Finger Large