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Care Boot II
Short Back
Suggested Code:
L4396 or L4397
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Care Boot II Shortback is designed for systemic treatment of foot drop, internal/external hip rotation and pressure sores due to illness, trauma, or immobility. The floating heel design eliminates pressue on the heel, enhancing blood circulation. Also prevents heel decubitus.

The Care Boot II Shortback is ideal for use with the Ranger Knees.

Made of high quailty KYDEX which is heat moldable.

Covers are made of moist-wicking fabric (as shown) or may be ordered with a "fleece" lining. None of our fabrics contain Latex and no chemical additives that could cause skin irritations.

Calf Circumference              Foot Circumference       Size
Up to 10"                                Up to 8"                            Small
Up to 14"                                Up to 10"                          Medium
Up to 16"                                Up to 12"                          Large
Up to 18"                                Up to 14"                          X Large  

 Code                                            Product
 501-CBS-S                Care Boot II ShortBack Small

 501-CBS-M               Care Boot II ShortBack Medium

 501-CBS-L                Care Boot II ShorBack Large

 501-CBS-XL             Care Boot II ShorBack X-Large

 501-CBS-C              Care Boot II ShortBack Custom
                                  (provide measurements)