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Care Boot II Soft Heel

​Independent Brace, Inc.
PO Box 7443 
Lakeland, FL 33807-7443
Phone 888-858-4558
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E-Mail- sales@independentbrace.com
Website- www.independentbrace.com
The Care Boot II Soft Heel provides passive resistance for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, relief of heel pressure for treatment and / or prevention of pressure sores, prevention and / or treatment of plantar flexion contractures. Designed to correct and / or restore lower extremity disorders, such as foot drop. 

Features include open heel for proper circulation, adjustable heel elevation, adjustable dorsiflexion and inversion / eversion straps, medial and lateral support, semi-rigid removable plastic inserts for foot and side panels, non skid bottom facilitates ambulation. Thoroughly padded for ultimate comfort. Support / position / protect.

* Floating heel
* Dorsi-flexion straps
* Fully padded

Available Sizes: Standard , X-Large
Billing Code:
L4396 , L4397
* Therapy Boot
* Completely washable

  Code                                Product

 504-SH-ST                    Care Boot II Soft Heel Standard

 504-SH-XL                     Care Boot II Soft Heel X-Large

 504-SH-C                      Care Boot II Soft Heel Custom
                                            (provide measurements)