Department of Veteran Affairs Certified (VOSB)
SBA Certified (WOSB)
Care Bendable Knee
- One-piece fully padded cover
- Patella pad
- Laundry bag and fitting instructions
Upper 16" - 22"
Lower 12" - 16"

***sizing may be customized at no additional cost
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This easy-to-use bendable orthosis is used for gradual extension of non-fixed contractures. This orthosis is great as a resting splint, stabalizing, or for wound care positioning, the Care Bendable Knee is often used to treat mild contractures where space is limited.

Available in a graphite-colored, moisture-wicking fabric one-piece liner with a 3-strap closure sustem. Liner may be "fleede-lined" upon request at no additional charge.

Our products are LATEX FREE and have no chemical additives that may cause skin reactions. 

Bend-to-fit - no tools needed. 

    Code                            Product

 305-CBK-O            Care Bendable Knee (one Size)

 305-CBK-C            Care Bendable Knee Custom
                                (provide measurements)